The first book in the MALLORY SAJEAN series. An epic opening!

One last fight for freedom. But what if the price is billions of lives?

Spaceship pilot Mallory Sajean is being blackmailed. Forced to transport cargo she knows is illegal, she lands on one of Jupiter’s moons. Things get nasty quickly, and she finds herself working with a shady and trigger-happy man.

Hunted by the police, tangled up in a vendetta and a drug dealer’s scheme, she realizes she is only a pawn in a game playing out on an inordinate scale. Not only is she risking her own life, but the fate of several worlds also lies in her hands…

​Procyon Shattered is the first book in the “Mallory Sajean” science fiction series. If you like space opera, adventure, exotic planets, and colorful characters, you will love Mallory!

Note: This novel has been previously released under the title The Kenval Incident

Read ​Procyon Shattered and embark on a journey that will leave you breathless!


“A book from an SF fan, for SF fans”
Un livre de fan de SF, pour les fans de SF

“A real page turner”
Un véritable page turner

“A stunning ending”
Fin grandiose”