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Station in Peril

A simple stopover becomes a dogged battle!

In search of some rest and relaxation, Mallory Sajean comes alongside a space station. She discovers a battlefield and a hostage taking in progress. Despite the risks, she joins up with a squad of police officers who are going to give it their all...

While facing fanatical aliens and cyborgs, Mallory learns that she'll have to defeat a legendary creature: a Sorfal...

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Hi there,

Welcome to my site

​If you love Space Opera and adventure you are in the right place. I am the author of the Mallory Sajean series and my goal is to take you on breathtaking journey with every book. Right now book two is ​being edited and I am also working on book three. Check the different sections of the website ​to find out more about the universe I created.

All the best,

Philippe Mercurio


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